Use Cases

Managing information sharing is becoming an increasingly important aspect in public and private domains. It ensures proactive action and thus effectiveness and efficiency.


Crowd management
Observation and mobilizing large groups of people requires a good information position. This is necessary to provide timely guidance before minor incidents develop into uncontrolled situations; proactive versus reactive. The information position is obtained by sensors, trend analyzes and control of, for example, traffic controllers and text billboards. The use of this is extremely suitable for corona measures and generic crowd monitoring for municipalities and other authorities.


Smart City
A city is a large and complex environment with various simultaneous activities within different themes like 'corona'; social distance, mobility, enforcement, the economy, etc. By using and managing information, it makes it easier for operators, administrators and residents not only to get a better overview, but also to smartly use existing information for multiple other themes as well; safety, economic, mobility, ... . The crowd management use case provides a permanent first step towards a smart city.


Safety & Security
The effectiveness of various disciplines in the safety and security ecosystem can be increased through better information sharing. Information that might be not shared in ordinaire times, but in specific situations is obligated to be shared. Our Secured Sharing platform helps with dashboarding, interaction and sharing by guaranteeing security and giving control to information owners to share/revoke information. Without the intervention of system administrators in operational environments.


Collaboration between governments and/or private parties
In the public (and private) domain there are many different disciplines with their own information. To achieve results, collaboration between different disciplines is required, often through information exchange. Our Secured Sharing platform meets this need by enabling the use of information sharing at role level and per use case.


The Secured Sharing Platform has multiple security layers to enable highly classified information to be shared and revoked dynamicly. At any time and selectively per user.


The Secured Sharing Platform has intuitive display and interaction. It enables users to quickly grasp the situation or interaction. It even overs multiple dashboard types for different roles. 


The platform is designed to have different stakeholders work together with greater ease on different topics like incident or resource management, Even if not all information is shared but just parts (need to know, need to share) 


Secured Sharing supports different portal types from management to operator views. It is designed for as many hardware devices with different screen sizes.


Secured Sharing platform is scalable by extending (or downsizing) the number of information sources it needs to integrate, functionalities that are needed or users that are allowed to access.


Information is integrated preferably from the source and can only be shared by its owner. Use of standards enables quick integration with legacy systems of any kind.


The platform has a generic part supported by multiple add-ons for the use of different functionalities like resource management, crowd management, incident management, etc.


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